We’re rethinking the way you discover content.

Here at UpContent, we believe content is currency. The exchange of this powerful information establishes thought leaders, builds strong communities, and evokes change. Even though the internet is full of valuable and beautiful content worthy of sharing, traditional methods of searching have made finding the hidden gems difficult and time-consuming. That’s why we feel so passionate about our content discovery tool. UpContent gives users the power to spark conversations and gain insight on the topics they care about most.

Our Story

UpContent was initially created to fulfill a need in the content marketing industry: discovering high-quality, relevant content quickly and easily. Our company, Community Elf, wanted to serve clients better by curating their social feeds with more meaningful content that would complement the services we provided. Our solution was to build a powerful tool that could do way more than a typical Google search but would also eliminate the need to browse through hundreds of pages of results.

Developed with assistance from researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, our unique algorithm crawls the web and pulls news articles and blog posts and sorts them by things like social influence and recency so you’re always reading the best, most up-to-date content from industry thought leaders.

UpContent was initially released as a Hootsuite integration in March 2015 and later as a single application, My.UpContent.Com, in June 2015.